Sustainability Commitment

Commitment to achieving Net Zero
Golden Atara Healthcare’s pledge to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2040 reflects its unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability and mirrors the latest advancements in sustainable practices within the UK healthcare industry. As a reputable provider of health and social care services in Oxfordshire, Golden Atara Healthcare is dedicated to delivering tailored care solutions to its service users, leveraging skilled care personnel to enhance their overall well-being.

Initial Carbon Footprint Assessment:
During the evaluation period from 01-01-2023 to 31-12-2023, Golden Atara Healthcare established its baseline emissions, following the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Value Chain Standard. The selection of the baseline year 2023 signifies the commencement of carbon emissions measurement and the inception of the inaugural Carbon Reduction Plan, laying the groundwork for upcoming emission-mitigating endeavours.

Emission Breakdown:
In the foundational year 2023, Golden Atara Healthcare reported minimal Scope 1 emissions, primarily stemming from the operation of 1 company vehicles utilized for essential services and client engagements. Furthermore, the organization recorded zero Scope 2 emissions in 2023, emphasizing its commitment to diminishing its environmental footprint by not housing in-house facilities or electric charging infrastructure.

Scope 3 Emission Insights:
A substantial portion, 90%, of Golden Atara Healthcare’s total emissions in 2023 fell within the Scope 3 category. These emissions encompassed various activities such as business travel, waste management, employee commuting, and downstream transportation and distribution practices.

Emission Reduction Targets:
In pursuit of the Net Zero emissions objective by 2040, Golden Atara Healthcare has set forth ambitious carbon reduction targets. These targets encompass medium to long-term objectives for reducing carbon intensity per £2,000 of company turnover, along with an absolute emissions reduction target of 70% by 2036 from the baseline year of 2023. We target to have all our care staff to be using 100% EV vehicle by 2032

Sustainable Initiatives:
Golden Atara Healthcare has taken significant steps to implement sustainable practices aimed at decreasing carbon emissions. Initiatives such as promoting public transport usage, leveraging community resources for enhanced care provision, organizing tree-planting campaigns, and transitioning to a ‘paper-free’ operational model underscore the organization’s dedication to environmental sustainability.

Future Sustainability Ventures:
Moving forward, Golden Atara Healthcare is actively planning to enhance its sustainability endeavours through a series of initiatives. These include the implementation of an environmental management system to achieve ISO 14001 certification, transitioning to low or ultra-low emissions vehicles, and collaborating with stakeholders to formulate joint carbon reduction strategies. Furthermore, the organization aims to introduce incentive programs for staff and community-based care teams to adopt electric vehicles and encourage active travel as part of its enduring sustainability strategy.

By prioritizing sustainability and setting ambitious emission reduction targets, Golden Atara Healthcare is actively contributing to a cleaner environment and the well-being of residents in the UK healthcare sector.